Co-Parenting Intensive Reset

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Your future is not dictated by your past.

It's time to Reset.

Do you long to wake up to a day when managing your relationship with your co-parent is not the heavy load weighing on your chest? For your children to feel settled and comfortable as you raise them across two homes?

Do you crave the freedom that comes with moving on and building your new life and family traditions now that a relationship that was not adequately serving the needs of both of you has ended?

You are in the Right Place!

Which Co-Parent are You?

The Proactive Peacekeeper

You're navigating the initial waves of separation, determined to lay down a solid foundation for co-parenting. You want to get it right from the start, understanding the importance of maintaining a peaceful and supportive environment for your children. You're ready to learn, apply, and proactively create a harmonious co-parenting relationship.

The Reflective Harmoniser

While things have been relatively smooth, you're noticing subtle tensions starting to build. You're keen to address these issues now before they escalate, fostering a cooperative and stable co-parenting relationship for the sake of your children's wellbeing.

The Remorseful Rebuilder

You carry a heavy burden of remorse over your relationship ending, and you're still lost in grief. No matter what you try to do to make thinks work with your ex, it feels like you keep getting it wrong, and it’s costing you precious time with your children. You’re yearning for a way to bridge that gap, reconnect, and restore the bonds with your kids, finding harmony with your co-parent.

The Anxious Negotiator

You've always tried to co-parent amicably and so far you and your ex have managed to avoid the need for formal agreements. But it's come at huge personal cost. You lose days to anxiety and rumination anytime you need to negotiate with your co-parent, and you're constantly worried about setting them off.

The Exhausted Advocate

You are exhausted and you've had enough. You wish someone would hold your ex accountable. You're sick of spending money changing things on your side while they do nothing. You are not interested in someone insensitively telling you to "take the high road” or “be the better person.”

The Long-Term Visionary

You’ve been co-parenting for a while now, and things are generally going well. However, you're a long-term planner, seeking strategies to maintain and continually improve your co-parenting relationship. You're committed to ensuring that your children grow up in a supportive and love-filled environment, regardless of the changes life may bring.

Hey there, co-parent, I see you.

You are in the Right Place.

I have been helping co-parents find their emotional and cognitive freedom in their new lives for over twenty years. The messiest, most tricky moments you’ve ever had with your co-parent? Heck, I spent years working with families in that gut-wrenching 3% who end up entrenched in Family Court, and we got good outcomes even then (hard-won, but we got them).

I’m not saying your life isn’t unique - but I am saying you are not alone, and if you feel like you are? It's high time you met your community and support team!!

Achieve unshakeable confidence, acquire a toolkit of self-support strategies, ensure your children's resilience, and master effective communication—all in four weeks and under $500.

Welcome to the Co-Parenting Companion Intensive Reset.

Get ready to embark on an extraordinary path of personal growth and compassionate co-parenting that will leave a lasting legacy.

This is not like anything you’ve tried before.

We build your co-parenting identity and strategy from the inside out. We don’t tell you what to do - we show you how to do it with ease and confidence.

You will find your assertive voice, hold your boundaries, do the tasks required of you (even when they’re hard), with an expansive repertoire of self-care and resilience skills.

We transform your co-parenting experience far away from lawyer land, in way less time, at a fraction of the cost, in great company, and long-lasting success.

If this sounds like just what you need:

Come see what we have ready for you!

  • Four Live Action Calls where we problem solve your exact dynamics together.
  • Over six hours of expert-led video content to create the change you're longing for.
  • 40+ Comprehensive lessons, jam-packed with immersive exercises and practical, actionable steps.
  • Meet your community of like-minded co-parents - the ultimate in travel companions.

Our Four Pillars


Reignite your inner strength and live life on your terms. Learn the power you have over your circumstances and the baggage you can set down because it no longer belongs to you. Learn why this foundational pillar is your not-negotiable rudder for confident and relaxed co-parenting and creating the legacy you desire for your children and generations to come.


We create a space for you to reconnect with your own deep inner wisdom, skillfully caring for your emotions and powerfully transforming your relationship with the thoughts and fears that hold you back. Develop critical skills for managing stress and high emotions. Learn how to stay present and respond to triggers in ways that truly serve you and your kids.


The bold new world of separated co-parenting requires a new guidebook. There is freedom to explore which boundaries you’ll hold and how you’ll hold them from a position of strength and connection to your authentic self. Construct clear, workable boundaries that are respected by your co-parent. Learn to articulate your needs assertively, leading to fewer conflicts and improved collaboration in parenting tasks and decisions.


Let go of old stories that no longer serve you, and discover practical strategies for understanding and influencing your co-parent's behaviour in a positive way. Build a functional, respectful relationship that centres on the shared goal of your child's well-being. Dare to dream large for the legacy of your children, with a realistic blueprint for how to get there.

Take control! With practical, actionable steps, and personalised support, transform your co-parenting experience into a journey of low stress and high finesse.

Reclaim your life, your relationships, and your legacy.

What our Clients Say

Buy Now and get our Co-Parenting Compass Membership Free for the First Month!

Our Intensive Reset ensures your Four Foundational Pillars are in place for Co-Parenting Excellence.

Our Compass Membership guides you to Mastery.

Inside our Compass Membership, we walk right beside you as you build the new paradigm of co-parenting without conflict, steady on the Four Foundational Pillars we have built together.

Enjoy the support and companionship of fellow parents genuinely dedicated to collaboration, not conflict, learning and growing together.

With our quarterly membership, you can stay as long as you like, and leave when you're ready.

  • Monthly Live Coaching Calls, Guest Speakers and Special Topic Webinars.
  • 24/7 Access to our online resource hub of videos and articles.
  • Your weekly "things to do" list to share the cognitive load.
  • Specialised guidance in the lead-up to special occasions.
  • New content every week.
  • Early Registration Access to all Co-Parenting Companion Events.
  • Only $169 every 3 months.

Everyday assistance

Steer your co-parenting journey with clarity and confidence, armed with actionable, evidence-based insights.

  • Understand and change behaviour
  • Relationship connection and repair
  • Master school involvement
  • Manage shared care arrangements
  • Communicate successfully and respectfully

Navigate complexity

When you find yourself in a maze of uncertainty, let us guide you toward resolution and peace of mind.

  • Manage and resolve conflicts
  • Foster collaboration
  • Introduce a new partner
  • Manage illness
  • Co-parent when there's neurodivergence
  • Identify and manage challenging behaviour
  • Manage risk

Coordinate events

Make days of significance a joyous experience, not a logistical nightmare. Your path to seamless planning and happy memories starts here.

  • Coordinate significant religious days and festivals
  • Balance birthday expectations and responsibilities
  • Navigate Christmas with ease
  • Honour Mother's and Father's Day

Self care

Your haven for rejuvenation and self-empowerment.

  • Tailored self-care strategies to maintain your well-being
  • Cultivate inner resilience and strength
  • Resource recommendations to nourish your mind and soul

Hear from our Members about our live calls and online membership resources.

Select Your Reset Experience Now

Immediate access to all online Course Content.

Next round of Group Coaching Calls commence May 2024


Co-Parenting Intensive Reset + 4 Group Action Video Calls

  • Course Access: Start today with immediate access to all modules and resources.
  • Guided Implementation: Four Group Action calls with our expert Head Coach, Tiffany Rochester.
  • Community Support: Opportunity to learn from and cheerlead others. We get faster and better outcomes in the company of like-minded peers.
  • Cost-Effective: Group learning makes this a very affordable option, increasing the value for money.
  • Structured Learning: Cohort-based learning ensures a structured and progressive journey through the course content.
  • Accountability and Motivation: Group dynamics foster accountability and motivation, helping to maintain momentum.
  • Opportunity for Networking: Connect with a network of like-minded individuals for ongoing support and collaboration.
  • Overall Value: Exceptional value with access to group support, resources, and structured learning.
  • Compass Membership: Your first month is free.*

Intensive Reset + Group Calls



Co-Parenting Intensive Reset + 4 1:1 Consultations

  • Course Access: Start today with immediate access to all modules and resources.
  • Guided Implementation: Four 1:1 Coaching consults with our expert Head Coach, Tiffany Rochester.
  • Individualised Support: Use your consults to deep-dive into tailored solutions for your specific needs. One-on-one focus, but without the added perspectives and insights of a group.
  • Premium Option: Personalised support, for more complex co-parenting needs.
  • Flexible Learning: Tailored to your individual needs, but potentially less structured.
  • Accountability and Motivation: Direct accountability to the coach, with personalised encouragement.
  • Overall Value: High-value personalised support, tailored to individual needs.
  • Compass Membership: Your first three months are free.*

Intensive Reset + Individual Consults



* You can opt-out of the free Compass membership offer during checkout or cancel at any time after purchase. Accepting this offer means you pay nothing for the first month and then $169 every 3 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the course or Membership resources?

We will email you your login credentials to our online course portal. We’re always here to help you navigate any technical issues or questions you may have, so you can focus on what’s most important: your kids, yourself, and your next chapter.

How long will it take me to complete the Intensive Reset?

We suggest setting aside at least ten hours to fully engage with our course material. We understand that carving out large blocks of time can be challenging due to life's demands, which is why our course is designed for self-paced learning.

However, we strongly encourage you to complete the course within four weeks. This will ensure that the course doesn't remain on your 'meant-to-do-but-never-did' list. It will also allow you to apply your newfound skills and insights promptly.

Most of our clients have completed the course within two weeks.

We have mediation / FDR soon. Will this help me?

Absolutely. This course is designed to equip you with the skills and strategies needed for successful mediation or Family Dispute Resolution (FDR). Not only will you gain a clearer understanding of your own priorities and goals, but you'll also acquire practical communication tools to facilitate constructive dialogue and reach mutually beneficial agreements with your co-parent. Additionally, the course includes a smorgasbord of self-care techniques to help you manage emotional complexities that may surface before, during, and after the Mediation/FDR process.

How does this course differ from 1:1 Coaching?

This course is designed with both immediacy and affordability in mind. Recognising that early separation years are financially and emotionally taxing, we’ve distilled over two decades of crisis intervention and ten years of separation guidance into an accessible online toolkit. This approach ensures that vital support is available without the wait and at a fraction of the cost.

Our inclusion of four Action consults allows for personalised support to address your specific challenges, making the most of each session without the hefty price tag of traditional 1:1 coaching.

Should you choose to pursue live Coaching after the course, you'll be well-prepared with a solid foundation. This means any subsequent 1:1 coaching can be more focused and efficient, as you'll already be versed in the core principles, saving time and resources as we dive into the details of your personal situation.

Will I be in the same Action Calls as my co-parent?

No, to ensure privacy and a comfortable space for open discussion, we do not place co-parents in the same Action Call groups. To facilitate this, we'll ask for your co-parent's name during the sign-up process. If both you and your co-parent independently decide to undertake the Co-Parenting Intensive Reset simultaneously, rest assured that you will both have immediate access to the online course content.

In terms of the Action Calls, the first co-parent to register will join the upcoming round of calls. The second co-parent to register will be scheduled for the following enrollment period, typically within two months. This staggered approach allows both parents to benefit fully from the program without compromising personal experience or group dynamics.

Can I share the Reset or Membership with my co-parent?

Each purchase is intended for individual use. If your co-parent is interested in completing the Reset or joining our Membership, a separate enrollment is required.

How does Coaching work in a group context?

In our Coaching calls, we utilise "hot seat coaching" - an opportunity to receive personalised guidance and coaching in a supportive group setting. Members can volunteer to sit in the "hot seat" and receive direct coaching on a specific co-parenting challenge or issue they are facing. Other members learn from witnessing the experience and the coach's guidance.

It may seem daunting at first, but we've found that the power of group dynamics truly enhances the learning experience beyond what is possible in a 1:1 setting.

Please know that participating in hot-seat coaching is optional. You're welcome to simply observe and listen until you feel comfortable enough to share. And if you can't make it to the live Action or Coaching calls, don't worry! All sessions are recorded and available for viewing at your convenience for up to a month.

What if I miss an Action Call or have technical difficulties?

We understand that life can be unpredictable, and we want to make sure you have access to all the valuable content we provide. Rest assured, if you are unable to attend or want to revisit the content, all of our live calls are recorded and uploaded into the membership portal as soon as possible after the call.

If you need to defer your four Group Action calls to the following intake, please contact us after purchase to arrange this deferral.

We require 72 hours' notice to reschedule any individual consultations, and cannot guarantee availability if you cannot make your original scheduled time.

We're here to support you in your parenting journey and are committed to providing you with the resources you need to succeed.

How do the Action Calls in the Co-Parenting Intensive Reset work?

When you enrol in the Co-Parenting Intensive Reset, you can begin immediately with full access to the online course material.

Group Action Calls

The Group Action Calls are an integral part of your learning experience, designed to bring participants together in a supportive, structured environment.

Here's what you can expect from the Group Action Calls:

Cohort-Based Learning: You will be part of a cohort, meaning you and your fellow co-parents will start the Group Action Calls together and progress through the sessions as a unit. This promotes a sense of community and shared growth.

Scheduled Intakes: Our cohorts commence approximately every two months. While we don't publish a fixed schedule, you are guaranteed to be automatically enrolled in the next available round of calls upon completing your purchase.

Consistent Timing: To accommodate the routines of our participants, calls are scheduled for four consecutive weeks during term time on Friday lunchtimes, based on Australian Western Standard Time. This consistency allows you to plan your time effectively.

Individual Action Consults:

Upon registration, those who opt for individualised support will receive a link to book their four 1:1 consults with Tiffany, allowing for personalised guidance tailored to your unique circumstances.

If I become a Member, how long will it be for?

We designed our membership program with your long-term success in mind. Memberships auto-renew every three months, and you can cancel at any time.

We recommend a year's membership to give you access to all of our resources and support you in embedding new habits and strategies. We believe a year is enough time for you to see real progress and make positive changes in your co-parenting journey.

You can stay with us for as long as you like, depending on your needs and goals.

How do the Compass Membership live events work if my co-parent and I are both members?

We understand the sensitivity around participating in live events such as coaching calls and guest speaker sessions, especially when both co-parents are members. Currently, we operate a single stream of live events, which means co-parents would typically share the same event space.

However, we are committed to providing a comfortable and productive environment for all our members. If both you and your co-parent join the Compass Membership, we'll reach out to each of you individually to discuss the best approach for event participation. Our goal is to facilitate a setup that allows both parties to engage fully and benefit from all the resources the Compass Membership has to offer, without compromising personal comfort or interaction dynamics.

We are continually assessing our capacity and exploring ways to enhance our services to accommodate the growing needs of our members.

How do I cancel my Compass Membership?

You can cancel your Compass Membership within your member portal at any time. You can also contact us requesting a cancellation. Once cancelled you will retain access to the member resources until the end of your current paid billing period or free trial.

Cancelling your Compass Membership will not affect access to the Intensive Reset or any other courses you have enrolled in with Co-Parenting Companion.

What if my co-parent isn't making changes?

Whilst we would love your co-parent to also complete our Reset and enjoy the benefits afforded our Members, there is an enormous benefit for you even if you're the only one who participates.

We will equip you with tools and strategies to communicate effectively, set healthy boundaries, and prioritise your children’s well-being, regardless of your co-parent’s behaviour. You don’t have to rely on your co-parent to change in order to make progress. By focusing on your own growth and your children’s needs, you can create a better co-parenting dynamic for everyone involved. We promise you, THAT will be enough.

Is there any scientific basis to the tools and strategies included in Co-Parenting Companion courses and Membership?

Yes! We are a data-driven science-geek business! We operate on a foundation of rigorous scientific inquiry, particularly in the realm of Contextual Behavioural Science (CBS). CBS is a comprehensive field dedicated to understanding human behaviour within the context it occurs, with the ultimate aim of reducing suffering and enhancing well-being. The effectiveness of CBS interventions is backed by an extensive body of research, including over 1,050 randomised controlled trials. If you share our enthusiasm for evidence-based approaches, we invite you to dive deeper into the science behind our methods. Learn more here.

What are Tiffany's qualifications?

Tiffany holds a Bachelor of Psychology and a Master's Degree in Applied Psychology. She's a credentialed Collaborative Coach, bringing specialised expertise to her work.

Her two decades of work history include Government Agencies, Not for Profits and Private Practice. She has worked with families navigating separation in and out of court for over ten years.

Tiffany currently serves on the Council for Collaborative Professionals WA. She has previously held key positions within the Australian and New Zealand Chapter of the Association for Contextual Behavioural Science, including Board Member, Conference Chair, and President. She has also contributed as a Research Associate at the Telethon Kids Institute.

Tiffany maintains active memberships with the Association for Contextual Behavioural Science and Collaborative Professionals WA, ensuring she stays up-to-date with the latest research and practices in her field.

What is the refund policy?

We generally do not provide refunds. We may consider requests on a case-by-case basis at our sole discretion. Accepting our full terms and conditions is a condition of purchase.

Are you ready to drop the stress and co-parent with finesse?

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Co-Parenting Companion provides a safe and affirming space for people of all cultures, genders, sexualities and neurotypes.

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